Pavement markings communicate messages through a uniform system of colors, patterns, widths, symbols, and words. Uniformity of these features throughout the nation, as required by the MUTCD, makes it possible to instantly recognize the meaning of the markings in any given situation and quickly react to them, enabling travel safety and efficiency along the roadway.

Long-term reflectivity is provided by reflective elements and glass beads. Thermoplastic is used on long lines, edge lines, channelizing lines, gore markings, and symbols and legends. Excellent daytime whiteness and nighttime reflectivity add visibility for the motorist.

STRIPE FORCE 1© works with Louisiana Parish Police Juries, Consulting Traffic Engineers, and DOTD District Engineers on projects throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

Our thermoplastic equipment is custom deigned to meet exacting specifications and, with the exception of interstate long lines, STRIPE FORCE 1©  is ready to meet your needs.