From before STRIPE FORCE 1© was founded on October 15, 1992, national conferences and regional workshops were attended to research equipment and materials. In the pioneering days, commercial properties were re-striped for some of the larger property management firms in the South. Wal-Mart stores throughout Louisiana and Mississippi were re-striped overnight. Investments were made in the best equipment available, upgraded and added to meet changing needs.

Within a year, through Godís blessings, hard work and good people, field-proven expertise was put to work and direction shifted to new construction. STRIPE FORCE 1© is one of the few striping contractors in the country to utilize a surveyorís transit to insure accurate layouts on appropriate projects; such as, new regional malls, large shopping centers and the Port of New Orleans Container Yards--Louisianaís largest commercial paint striping job in 2003.

As clients made suggestions, new services were added. "We need you to not only stripe the parking lot, but apply thermoplastic pavement markings on the adjacent intersection." "What about coring the concrete pavement, installing steel bollards and traffic signage, too?" "We need you to stripe some of the roads in our parish." Today, it is obvious that being attentive to clients enable us to meet their overall needs as nearly 80% of our work is private repeat business.

DBE Certification:
As a Louisiana licensed commercial contractor, STRIPE FORCE 1© was certified in 2005 by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development as a DBE (Woman-Owned Company). Sights are set toward maintaining the current client base, adding new clients, and establishing the newest service--Hot Applied and Cold Pour Joint Sealing.

Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we believe He is the driving force in the success of our company. It is to Him and you, our faithful customers, that we say a most heartfelt and public "Thank You!"

May God bless you,
Barbara P. Dowell

Obie B. Dowell
Vice President